What is Computer Hardware?

Your computer is made up of many parts, several of which you’re already familiar with; the tower, monitor, keyboard, or mouse. Basically it’s anything you can physically touch. Being that these items come into constant contact with you, the owner, over time they do suffer a little wear and tear and occasionally need an upgrade, repair or just general support.

Computer Hardware Support can be Simple or Extremely Complicated

We can help you determine if a broken monitor, an unresponsive keyboard or a snapped power jack can be fixed by replacing the secondary device or the cable that connects it. Big box stores always seem eager to sell you a new computer whenever the systems are upgraded. At Brainstorm, we’ll help you determine if a less expensive hardware upgrade would get you the same results.

Other issues require more delicate repairs or upgrades like anything to do with the computer’s motherboard. Commonly known as the ‘guts’ of your computer, the motherboard lives within the tower of your desk top PC or beneath the keyboard of your laptop.

You Can Help Yourself

At Brainstorm, we can help you determine the best course of action for your computer hardware repair needs. However, we also believe knowledge is power. Our computer technicians are happy to teach you about the inner workings of your computer at our ‘Do It Yourself Workspace.’

Visit Brainstorm for Computer Hardware Repairs

When it comes to your home computer or the computer you use for your small business, Brainstorm can provide the hardware support you need to make informed decisions about what is best for your computer system.

We can be reached at 845-331-5659 or by email at info@brainstormkingston.com. Walk-ins are also welcome at our shop at 321 Wall Street in Kingston’s Stockade district.