Do you have a laptop with a broken LCD(Liquid Crystal Display) Screen?

A laptops screen can break for any number of reasons:

  • Physical Damage: It doesn’t take much to shatter the glass panel inside an LCD. If there are obvious cracks and sections of the screen that are unreadable then the LCD screen must be replaced.
  • Flickering Screen: Flickering can occur when the wire that connects the motherboard to the LCD becomes frayed/severed. This can be caused by poor wire placement within the hinge of the laptop. If you have to position the laptop screen “just right” to get an image, it is most likely the display wire. It is possible for the labor charge to run a bit more on a wire replacement because it sometimes requires the base of the laptop to be disassembled as well to replace it.
  • Very Dim Screen: If the LCD starts to get very dim or just seems to stop working, it could be a broken backlight or the inverter which powers the backlight. If you are still able to see the computer working properly if you examine it closely with a flashlight it is mostly likely a lighting issue. A broken backlight usually means the entire LCD needs to be replaced.

Typical Cost Breakdown:
LCD Replacement: Inverter Replacement: Wire Replacement:
Labor: $75-95 $75 $95
(Approximations based on common laptop models)
$70 – $100 $20 – $40 $10 – $20
Total: $145 – $195 $95 – $175 $105 – $115

Sometimes what appears to be a dysfunctional LCD is actually a failing graphics chip. If you notice colored lines or boxes appearing before Windows starts, this could be the issue. Usually this is caused by the chip overheating and failing. The chip is usually soldered directly onto the motherboard and replacing it can be cost prohibitive. Preventive maintenance is the best way to avoid this. It is good idea to regularly blow compressed/canned air into the heat vents on the laptop when it is off. This will dislodge any dust/hair buildup on the heat sink or fan and keep your laptop running cool. If you have pets we recommend doing this monthly, or every 3-4 months if you do not.

broke lcd screen with a wrench

Shattered Screen: This is what a LCD screen looks like after it is attacked by a wrench. (Please do NOT attack your LCD with a wrench.)

LCD screen inverter and display wire

Screen Components: Here are the three main components that make up an LCD screen.