mycompInstall and Configure:

Do you have a new computer, device, or application? We will get it set up and running ASAP. Proper initial configuration is important and security, speed, and convenience are all priorities.  Modern systems from the ‘factory’ can be cluttered with applications you may not want or need. We can ensure you have what you need without the extra bloat bogging down your new system.



Computers are not diamonds, they will never last forever. When they start to fail or get a little long in the tooth we can help.

   • Virus/Malware Cleaning: Do you think your computer is infected with something? We can clean your system of unwanted invaders and get you set up properly to help avoid future infections.  (Note: It is almost always better to bring Virus/Malware infected machines into our shop on Wall Street. To properly clean a system we have to run a lot of scans which can take hours to complete. If we have the machine in our shop we don’t have to charge on-site rates during the scans.)

   Hardware: We can replace components that have failed, upgrade ones that are past their prime, and recommend new equipment when it is time for new purchases.

Software: Whether you need to uninstall old unwanted programs, install the newest programs, or upgrade your existing ones; we can take care of it or guide you through the process


Whether your setting up a new service or upgrading, we can link all of your systems together with a custom network to suit your needs.

   Wired: The stability of a wired network still can’t be beat. We can run hard wires in new construction or upgrade your existing setup for top speed.

   Wireless: We can also get you going with wireless and free you to roam with your laptop. Security is a priority. Systems improperly configured can leave your information open to attack.

   Providers: DSL, Cable, Satellite, Wireless, VOIP. Are you unsure what you need? We can help analyze your requirements and budget then recommend the best choice for you.



Upkeep is important. Without proper maintenance, both hardware and software, your computer can begin to slow down and fail.

   • Hardware: Environmental factors can lead to the early ‘death’ of your system. It’s important to keep your system clean and know what can hurt it. Dust build-up can block fans which can overheat your system. This can cause system instability and could possibly start a fire. We inspect and clean out systems to keep them running quiet and cool.

Keeping the inside clean is very important. Don’t let yours look like this!

dirty computer

   Software: After months and years of use, computers can become bogged down with old unneeded software. We can make sure you have what you need and nothing more, maximizing your computers performance and speed. Your system can also be ‘tweaked’ to further maximize your performance for users that demand every last drop their system can give.

   Security: Security in todays world is more important than ever. Wireless networking has opened a door for criminals to walk in, you need to make sure it stays locked. Most home systems and small businesses are not properly configured for security. We can make sure that your up to date with patches and that your systems are confirmed to be secure.

   “Change your own Oil”:People save money by changing oil in their cars, why not computers? A one-time training session can help make sure you know when and how to keep your system tuned and ready.



Training is provided on-site at your home or office and is based exactly on the clients needs. There are no pre-packaged training courses. If a computer is required, it must be provided by the trainee. Training is available for all skill levels and can range from very basic user education to advanced system/network management.

Most users, business or personal, can benefit greatly from just a few hours of training. Learning how to properly clean and organize your computer yourself not only makes it perform better, but it also reduces future service needs.