In-Store ServiceOn-Site ServicePhone/Remote Support

In-Store Service:

We offer a full range of computer repair services for hardware, software, laptops, and desktops at our store front. Currently all repairs are by appointment only. Please give us a call at 845-331-5659 to discuss the issue and schedule an appointment.

Complete Package Deals: Includes System Diagnostic.

Cleaning & Optimization: $190

We scan/remove malicious software, install security updates and AV software (if needed) and optimize the system for speed and stability.

Basic Operating System Installation: $190

We reinstall and update the Operating System the computer came with. This includes the installation of drivers and a basic software package including anti-virus software. We also optimize it to run as efficiently as possible. WARNING: ALL EXISTING DATA WILL BE LOST.

Operating System Install with Data Restore: $250

This package includes “Operating System Install with Data Backup” and we also move all data (Documents, Music, Favorites, etc.) to its previous location.


New System Setup/Migration: $190

We move and restore your personal data from an old computer to a new computer. We also make sure it is up to date and optimized to run an efficiently as possible.

Extra Options:

Standard In-Shop Rates FOR NON-SERVERS

Service Type: Hourly Rate: Minimum Time Span:
Standard Repair Rate: $100.00 30 Minutes
Education/Training: $100.00 15 Minutes

Data Backup: $100

Backs up all user data to a provided external device.

System Diagnostic: $55

A 30 minutes diagnostic for troubleshooting issues. (This is included with a Package Deals)

On-Site Service: $100/Hour

We offer full on-site service for your home or business. Please call to schedule an appointment.

Coverage: Kingston, New York and surrounding area. Locations farther than 15 miles from the city of Kingston may require a fuel/travel time charge. Any fuel/travel charges will be determined based on customer schedule requirements.

Emergency Services: We are available 24×7. If you need immediate assistance day or night we can help. Pricing is based on time of day and, in emergency cases, response time required.

Phone/Remote Support: $100/Hour

Many problems can be fixed with a phone call if you are willing to spend some time on a problem.

Phone: The phone can be an easy way to get quick answers to questions or problems. The phone can also be the answer to solving more advanced problems that just can’t wait.

Everything can be fixed over the phone as long as the caller is willing to get their hands dirty on more advanced problems. Phone support for advanced problems are not always the way to go. Most advanced problems can be solved in a fraction of the time with an onsite visit.

Remote: Newer computers and faster networks have given rise to a new type of support. Your computer can now be remotely accessed and diagnosed. We are able to take control of your mouse and keyboard and fix problems or train users as needed. 


We offer discounts to local businesses and non-profit organizations. If you would like your employees or volunteers to receive a discount, please contact us for an application form.