Is your computer running slow or are you running out of hard drive space?

The speed of a computer is diminished by every program or service that is running on a computer. Many of these processes are not necessary and take up system resources which results in decreased performance and more data being swapped to and from your hard drive. Our Cleaning and Optimization service stops all unnecessary processes from running unless you want them to. We also uninstall toolbars or other malicious programs that may decrease performance. This also recovers hard drive space taken up by unneeded temporary files.

We also provide a physical cleaning service. Dust and debris can cause a computer to overheat and possibly damage hardware. We open up the computer, clean it thoroughly, and make sure the fans are functioning correctly.

Typical Cost Breakdown:
Cleaning and Optimization: Cleaning and Optimization with Physical Cleaning
$145 $175

A virus can also slow a computer down. We offer Virus/Malware Removal as well.

Windows Task Manager with 78 processes

Excess Processes: Background processes can use up a significant amount of system resources. These can range from tiny applications that check for new updates to programs that start automatically when Windows Loads. An optimized system typically has between 40 and 60 processes running, depending on the version of windows.

Internet Explorer Bogged Down With Too Many Toolbars

Too Many Toolbars: One of the main culprits that slow down web browsers are toolbars. These usually come with free software and shouldn’t be installed unless you specifically want it. The above picture is an exaggerated example of what can happen if you install too many. You should always pay attention to the checkboxes that may appear while installing new software and uncheck anything that Toolbar.