Do you have data on a broken computer or a failing/broken hard drive?

We have multiple data recovery options available:

  • Data Migration: If you have data on a computer that is no longer functioning but it has a working hard drive, we can migrate the data to another computer or external drive.
  • Software Data Recovery: If a hard drive is no longer recognized by a computer your data may still be recoverable. If there is no hardware damage a drive can be scanned using specialized software to recover your data.
  • Hardware Data Recovery: If your hard drive is making a loud clicking noise or no sound it all it is usually an indication of a hardware failure. Recovering data requires opening the drive up the drive to repair or replace the broken hardware. Since any dust can cause data corruption, this work must be done in a clean room environment, which is not a service that we are able to provide.

Typical Cost Breakdown:
Data Migration: Software Data Recovery: Hardware Data Recovery:
$85 $195 $550+
(We do not provide this service)

Customers must provide or purchase DVD’s, Flash Drives, or External Hard Drives with sufficient storage for their data.

pile of broken hard drives

Hard Drives: All of these hard drives are failing or broken. This is a common problem. Please make sure your unique data is backed up in more than one location.

inside a hard drive

Inside a Hard Drive: Here you can see a platter that contains data and the head that reads and writes it. It works similar to a record player.