Do you want your computers operating system freshly installed, updated and optimized?

An Operating System Reinstall sets the computer back to Factory Defaults. This will completely remove any Viruses or Malware. If you want to give your computer as a gift this is the best way to make sure none of your personal data goes with it. If you do want to make sure your data is preserved, we can migrate the data over.

  • System Reinstall: We format the hard drive and reinstall the operating system. We also install any drivers, service packs, updates, and our basic software package. We then test and optimize the system so that is functioning at peak preformance.
  • System Reinstall With Data Migration: If you wish to preserve your data, we can back up your data before reinstalling the operating system. Once the new installation is complete your data is copied back to the drive and moved to its previous locations like My Documents. Any remaining data is placed in a folder so you can access it. Please note that programs will need to be reinstalled and any user setting may need to be restored manually.


Typical Cost Breakdown:
System Reinstall: System Reinstall With Data Migration:
$135 $165

Our basic software package includes:

  • Internet Browser Installation: Chome, Firefox, IE 9
  • Office Installation: Microsoft Office (Activation Key Required) or OpenOffice
  • Anti-Virus Installation: Microsoft Security Essentials or your preferred anti-virus.
  • Additional Software: Java, Flash, Reader, Video Codecs


An Operating System Reinstall will remove ALL PERSONAL DATA and APPLICATIONS from the computer. It will be like the day you opened the box. If you need your personal data you MUST back it up or choose the System Reinstall With Data Migration. Please note that programs other than the ones listed above will not be reinstalled unless specifically asked for (Installation disks and serial keys must be provided)


The pricing above assumes that the computers hard drive working properly. If there are issues with the hard drive a new one must be purchased and Data Recovery might be required to migrate your data to the new Operating System.

Windows XP Install

Windows XP Install

windows 7 install

Windows 7 Install