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  • WARNING: In rare cases, data can be lost while repairing a system. If you do not select a Data Backup option we are not responsible for any data loss.

    I understand that Brainstorm may need to apply one of the Required Services listed above in order to complete work on my computer.

    I understand that Brainstorm may apply a Physical Cleaning charge when upgrading hardware or to resolve issues caused by overheating.

    I understand the risk of data loss if I did not request the Data Backup option listed above and that Brainstorm is not responsible if data is lost.

    I understand that failure to claim my computer or set up a Storage Contract within 30 days of repair completion relinquishes its ownership to Brainstorm.

    I understand that if a drive installed by Brainstorm fails, it's manufacturers warranty only covers drive replacement and NOT software reinstallation or data loss.

    I authorize Brainstorm Computers & Technology to perform the services checked off above to my system, as well any additional services I request.