Lasering Plastics and Acrylics

Acrylics and Plastics can be both cut and engraved in the laser. One limitation is that we can NOT work with plastics containing PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). The chloride in PVC is very bad for the equipment. Although PVC is not common in most materials, please be sure to ask before purchasing materials. 

Acrylics and Plastics are very predictable and consistant on the laser due to being man made. There may be some variation among brands, but within the same brand you will get great consistancy between items being lasered. 

We can both build from scratch or cut/engrave your existing products.


Lasering Papers

Paper Products can be easily cut with the laser. Using thicker paper mediums can produce great stencils and other work materials. 

These promotional business cards were cut from mat board. Each card punches out and builds into a six sided die.


Mat board comes in many color options.


Lasering Wood

Wood is an excellent material for use in the laser. It has a predictable response to the laser, so it makes a great material for prototyping and experimentation.

These boxes were cut and engraved on the laser. 


When processed properly we can also engrave photographs to many materials, including wood. This is a sample engraved to untreated maple. 


This is a close up of a wood inlay. The laser cuts the pieces so perfecly that they can normally be assembled without any glues. 


In addition to ultra fine detail the laser also supports three dimensional patterns. Notice the cross in the center of this engraving. 3D is an advanced process with the laser but the results are amazing. 


A closer look.


Organic Materials

Organic materials make for an interesting medium. It is hard to predict how they will respond to the laser. Higher water content and thinner skin generally mean you can’t go very deep without burning the material. Some fresh organic materials, like a pumpkin, can even cortorize when lasered so the engraving doesn’t accelerate the decay of the material. 


This was a quick mark up on a Squash from the Kingston Farmers Market. 


This was marked onto a raw dried Lima Bean. We marked the other side with numbers for a drawing.