Tattoo Your Technology:

Do you own it? Is your name on it?

mp3playerPersonal: Customize your electronics to to suit your personality. Any photographs or designs can be etched onto your portable music player, cellphone,  laptop, or almost anything else you can think of. You will no longer have to worry about swapping similar cellphones by mistake.

This Dell Laptop is a recent example. The laser takes away from the green coating and reveals silver color below.

Green Dell laser etched laptop

ubuntulaptopBuiness: Brand your employees cellphones, PDA’s, and laptops with your business logo and contact information. Etch scannable bar codes into your equipment to keep track of your inventory.


lockSecurity: Have you ever found a portable music player and you couldn’t figure out who it belongs to so you can return it? You can engrave your contact information onto your electronics so that a good samaritan can return your lost tech.