Special Project: Measuring Laser Kerf

Just got done reading the write up  Laser Cutter Kerf Measurement and wanted to take a minute to share our own method. 

Early on we created a template of the kerf sizes we saw the most frequently with the materials we use. The template (shown below) contains 9 squares. The center square is the ‘Control’ square then each of the outter squares contains a square with the dimensions increased by double the kerf we want to test. Then we are able to compare the pieces that come out with the center piece to determine the kerf of that material. It also allows us to test sizes that may be both higher and lower in size to see what will work for either loose or tight press fitting. 


This method applies to pretty much any material and can also be use to compare materials to eachother for inlays.

I won’t go in to too much detail on our results but I will say that ALL materials vary, including variations in the same material but from alternate suppliers. We use this template every time we use a new material if fit matters. 

This concept would also apply to other shapes. We chose the square because we originally started using this to test Kerf for finger joints fitting.





Success! .007 was the Kerf in question for this material. 


2 thoughts on “Special Project: Measuring Laser Kerf

  1. Thank you for the great idea! It gives a more practical insight than measuring the parts with a calliper.