Brainstorm: Your Hudson Valley Computer Support Specialist


Your computer just crashed mid project and possibly took important data and countless files with it. You need computer technical support, but where in the Hudson Valley do you turn?

Brainstorm Computers and Technology in Kingston, NY is a full service repair shop located uptown at 321 Wall Street. We provide PC Server Support for Residential and Small Business,’ so if it’s your laptop, desktop, tower or media center that’s ‘failed you’ we can help.

We Provide Quality Computer Technology Support

If it’s a crash, a system failure, or a painfully slow computer that’s ruining your day, Brainstorm will run tests to properly diagnose the problem and then come up with a computer technology support strategy to fix it. Just drop off your machine and we’ll crack open its mainframe and have a look. We can do virus and spyware removal or a system cleaning as well as help you trouble shoot any other problems or needs for repair.

Brainstorm isn’t just computer tech support, we also offer fully equipped workstations for everything from Internet browsing to complex graphic design. For a small hourly fee, you can rent one of our ‘Do It Yourself Workspaces’ that will empower you to learn how to repair your own computer. We’ll provide the tools and spare parts guidance from our trained technicians.

Who Needs Our Computer Tech Support?

You don’t have to be a large corporation to afford quality computer technology. Brainstorm believes we can best serve your local computer support needs on a smaller scale, so if you’re a Hudson Valley resident with a single computer or a small business with many computers and multiple locations, we are your go to company.

If you just brought a new computer home but you need help getting it set up, we can make a house call and help you configure the applications you need and get rid of the junk you don’t

At Brainstorm we are fond of the phrase, “computers are not diamonds.” Truth is they don’t last forever and inevitably will start to fail. That’s where we step in. We can replace aging components and upgrade them for you. We’ll show you how to properly maintain your system and keep it clean and free of heat causing dust.  Brainstorm will even give you an honest and fair recommendation when it is time to throw in the towel and purchase a new one.

If you’re a small business our personnel can provide all of the same tech support including server support, file management, user management and back-up management.

Brainstorm: Your Center for Local Computer Support

Our pricing rates are affordable and come in a variety of packages for your convenience. We can help you over the phone, at your home or in the store (free parking around back). As a Hudson Valley computer support specialist, we work on computer hardware, software, laptops and desktops. Stop by and say hi!