In-Store Services

Complete Package Deals

Cleaning & Optimization

We scan/remove malicious software, install security updates and AV software (if needed) and optimize the system for speed and stability.
Cost $190

Basic Operating System Installation

We reinstall and update the Operating System the computer came with. This includes the installation of drivers and a basic software package including anti-virus software. We also optimize it to run as efficiently as possible. WARNING: ALL EXISTING DATA WILL BE LOST.
Cost $190

Operating System Install with Data Restore

This package includes “Operating System Install with Data Backup” and we also move all data (Documents, Music, Favorites, etc.) to its previous location.
Cost $250

New System Setup / Migration

We move and restore your personal data from an old computer to a new computer. We also make sure it is up to date and optimized to run an efficiently as possible.
Cost $190

Extra Options

Standard In-Shop Rates (Non-Servers)

Service Type Hourly Rate Minimum Time Span
Standard Repair Rate $100 30 Minutes
Education / Training $100 15 Minutes

Data Backup

Backs up all user data to a provided external device.
Cost $100

System Diagnostic

A 30 minutes diagnostic for troubleshooting issues. (This is included with Package Deals)
Cost $55

On-Site Service

Cost $100 / Hour

Phone / Remote Support

Cost $100 / Hour


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