Do you want more memory or a larger hard drive?

We can upgrade any computer to work faster and hold more data:

  • Memory Upgrades: When a computer runs out of available memory it swaps the data to the hard drive to make room, which decreases performance. More Memory means less hard drive swapping and faster overall performance. We currently recommend that computers using Windows XP have between 1-2GB of memory and Vista/7 systems have between 4-8GB
  • Hard Drive Upgrades:If you are running out of room on your computers hard drive the only option may be to replace it with a larger hard drive. We have a range of hard drives available. Assuming the old hard drive is functioning correctly, the data is transferred to the drive. We also have USB external enclosures available for the old drive.
  • Miscellaneous Upgrades: We can also upgrade other components such as a Processor, Video, Audio, Wireless, or Blu-Ray.
Typical Cost Breakdown:
Memory Upgades: Hard Drive Upgrades: Miscellaneous Upgrade:
$15-30 + Memory Cost
(Approx. $20-$70)
$85 + Hard Drive Cost
(Approx. $50-$100)
$35 + Hardware Cost
pile of broken hard drives

Different Memory Types

inside a hard drive

Different Hard Drive Types: