Do you have a broken power jack that is preventing your laptop from charging?

Power Jacks also called AC Jacks can fail for a number of reasons:

  • Solder Wear & Tear: Repeatedly plugging the power chord in and out can break the soldered connection on the motherboard. If this occurs, the solder can be re-flowed or completely resoldered to restore a solid connection. (See left picture below)
  • Wire Wear & Tear: Some laptops have a wire that connects from the power jack to the motherboard. This wire can become frayed over time due to the movement of the power cord.
  • Fall Damage: Even if a computer was dropped and the area around the jack was damage it can usually be fixed. Sometimes epoxy can be used on damaged areas so that the jack is properly seated. (See right picture below)


Typical Cost Breakdown:
Wired Jack Repair: Soldered Jack Repair: Replacement Jack:
(If Required)
$135 $165 Additional $10-$20


Sometimes motherboards can be cracked where the power jack connects to the motherboard. This type of damage can NOT be repaired and a new motherboard must be ordered.


power jack with a broken solder point

Solder Damage: The soldered point indicated with a red arrow shows a circular crack which prevented a solid circuit. This jack needed to be resoldered.

broken ac power jack

Physical Damage: This jacked needed to be glued back together so that it would seat properly and was reinforced with epoxy so it would not break again.