You’ve turned on your computer, clicked an icon and now you’re waiting, waiting and waiting. Not sure what’s wrong? It might be time for a system clean up of your computers software.

What is Computer Software?

Software is the programming that makes your computer system go. Software provides your computer with instructions on what to do and how to do it, unlike hardware; computer software is untouchable. Its programs carry the procedures, algorithms and documentation that determine how your computer works and how it processes data. In a perfect world, none of these programs would ever get infected with internet viruses or spyware, but they do, and that is where Brainstorm comes in with software support services.

How We Can Help

As we move into the future, software programs have more and more advanced features. With those advanced features come advanced problems. We can help get everything in proper working order and make sure all of the settings keep your features working for you.

Some of the big box stores will try to sell you a new operating system before they will fix whatever is making your system run so slow.

At Brainstorm our computer technicians will run diagnostic tests to determine exactly what is wrong with your computer and let you know if you need simple repairs, an advanced cleaning or a complete reload of your computer’s operating system. Simple steps like uninstalling a program and reinstalling it with proper settings can make the difference with how a program operates. If that does not work then we can move on to more complicated procedures like restoring the operating system.

Infected with a virus? Virus and malware removal will get your computer squeaky clean.

We take great care to keep you from losing any or as little data as possible. We have data recovery services should have a failing hard drive but if prevention is on your agenda, we can set you up with a backup system, a custom home network or external hard drive so that you can back up data on your own.

 Brainstorm Computer Software Support Services

Maintaining your computers operating health requires properly working software. At Brainstorm we can walk you through the process of cleaning your system and make sure that you are given all the information to weigh your computer options and make an informed decision.

If you have a personal computer, laptop or even a small office, stop into Brainstorm and we will take your computing to the next level!